Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Treatment has begun....

Time is flyin!!!! Treatment began on July 18th for Heidi and July 22nd for me. We both started with the Lupron Injections. Heidi had really bad side effects. Major hot flashes, headaches and very emotional. When she went in for her check up on July 29th, they reduced her Lupron dosage and she began taking an oral medication called Eatrace, once she started that she began feeling much better. Her next appointment is on August 5th. If all is well she will increase her dosage of Eatrace and then start taking Progesterone sometime around August 12th.

I had my second appointment today, it went well. My ovaries and follicles look good. So tonight I will decrease my Lupron Injection dosage and start my Luveris and Follistim Pen injections. Can I just say needles are NOT my thing. I am so greatful I have Nick to help me with them because I couldn't do it by myself! My next doctor appointment is on August 8th and then the last one on August 10th. I am hoping the side effects of the Luveris and Follistim are not to bad. Fingers crossed. We should be going in for our egg retrieval between August 11-13th. :) We are all so excited and can't wait for the next step of this crazy journey!!! :) Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!!

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